Actionable Strategies

Professional organizers see it all.  Residentially, I’ve likely seen pretty much everything that a person can buy, store, hide, pile or stash. Here’s the list of the 25 of things that clog up client's homes. 95% of the time they don’t need or need very little of them....

PART 1- Fridge Organizing


Do you struggle with a crammed fridge or feel you are tossing out more than you are eating? It might feel like you don’t have enough space, can’t find what you need or hate putting leftovers away. Follow these 10 fridge tips and you’ll be well...

Are you tired of carrying a wallet or a key chain full of plastic loyalty tags and cards? It's hard to resist the perks but the consequences require you to carry each and everyone of those what seems like 50 cards with you to collect and redeem points.  


If you'd like...

 There's nothing like the luxury of a good mag in a hot bath or in a hammock in the summer shade. Trashy or informative, it's a pleasant indulgence and removal from busy.  However, today magazines are becoming thing of the past. They are cheaper to produce and more ear...

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professional organizer, get organized
professional organizer, get organized

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