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I had a client ask "what do I think about surveys?"  So often we get pestered by marketers calling at dinner to ask us for our opinion. Let it go to voicemail if you have caller id; they never leave a message.  If not, interrupt them immediately to ask if you are bein...

PART 1 ... Turn Driving Around.


1.     Get GasBuddy


Do you get a little irritated every time you have to fill up with gas wondering how prices swing 10 cents in a day or why the government nabs close to 30%? You’re not alone but here’s what you can do to...

Are you tired of carrying a wallet or a key chain full of plastic loyalty tags and cards? It's hard to resist the perks but the consequences require you to carry each and everyone of those what seems like 50 cards with you to collect and redeem points.  


If you'd like...

Today's double income families have created an overindulgent society and prices that just don't seem to stop climbing.  Not every household has such an abundance of discretionary income, but for those that do; overspending can mean an overabundance. They will have so m...

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