Actionable Strategies

PART 1 ... Turn Driving Around.


1.     Get GasBuddy


Do you get a little irritated every time you have to fill up with gas wondering how prices swing 10 cents in a day or why the government nabs close to 30%? You’re not alone but here’s what you can do to...

Does anyone actually like cleaning the microwave?  All to often the microwave has a crusty build up of household meal splattering’s or unfortunate food explosions. As time goes by the food gets more cemented to the inside of the microwave!

Here are 4 easy tips to elimin...

Are you tired of carrying a wallet or a key chain full of plastic loyalty tags and cards? It's hard to resist the perks but the consequences require you to carry each and everyone of those what seems like 50 cards with you to collect and redeem points.  


If you'd like...

Do you arrive just on time or in the nick of time.  Phew right? Well, is it worth the stress of dealing with life's little unplanned blockers - a string of red lights, unexpected construction, tourist drivers, no parking, leaving your credit card at the store or a slow...

It's that time of year when things get out of control. You think you have a handle on it and then the momentum of invitations turn into a blur of social celebrations, the gift giving takes a big chunk out of your bank account, you get sick from the overindulgence and f...

Who couldn't use a tip to make meal prep a little faster? Learn how using the produce production line technique. 

Pick up some fruit and veggie soak concentrate at your grocery store - I use Nature Clean - then be sure to pack produce together. When you arrive home with...

Wouldn't you love the get kids out the door faster on school days?  Here's an easy system that will save you time and stress everyday and only takes 15 minutes each Sunday. 


  1. Bins - Buy enough clear bins for the week for each child large enough to accommodate o...

Summer is here and family and friends tend to socialize more. If you are having folks up to your cabin or to the beach house. Consider picking up an assortment of coloured water bottles. Everyone chooses their favourite colour and it's their's for the day.  Not only do...

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