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Professional organizers see it all.  Residentially, I’ve likely seen pretty much everything that a person can buy, store, hide, pile or stash. Here’s the list of the 25 of things that clog up client's homes. 95% of the time they don’t need or need very little of them....

This time of year is a very positive time to freeze frame your past and forecast your future. Reflect back and look forward; was it a good year or not so good? What was the best thing about it? The worst thing? What would you like to accomplish next year? How would yo...

Media and mega marketing are at all time highs over the holidays. It’s time to put on your blinders, avoid the hype and up the happiness factor.


  1. Be an Ostrich - Pretend you’ve done all your shopping. Instead, arrive laden with food & spirits dressed up as a hostess...

Life is a busy place.  When you are pulled in multiple directions it's easy to lose track of where you are headed. So often you get so deep into a project you lose site of the end goal or maybe you operate like a hummingbird flitting from one project to another.



Does anyone actually like cleaning the microwave?  All to often the microwave has a crusty build up of household meal splattering’s or unfortunate food explosions. As time goes by the food gets more cemented to the inside of the microwave!

Here are 4 easy tips to elimin...

It's that time of year when things get out of control. You think you have a handle on it and then the momentum of invitations turn into a blur of social celebrations, the gift giving takes a big chunk out of your bank account, you get sick from the overindulgence and f...

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professional organizer, get organized
professional organizer, get organized

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