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Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing is simple ... we use technology to get you organized one on one in the privacy of your home.

Why Virtual Organize?

  • You save money

  • You get organized virtually anywhere

  • You get expert organizing direction, strategies and tips

  • You work at your own pace

  • You have a pro keeping you on track and motivated 

  • You benefit from shorter sessions

  • You can relax with greater privacy

  • You enjoy easy to use technology with Zoom

  • You learn the life long skill of organization 

  • You achieve organizing success 

Digital Reading

How does Virtual Organizing work?


  1. We start with a 15 min complimentary intake call to talk about your organizing challenges and ultimate goal(s)

  2. You fill out an quick 5 min assessment, send pictures/video and a rough layout ahead to maximize your time

  3. We meet virtually by Zoom by iPad, laptop and or mobile phone (sometimes a combo)

  4. We clarify session goals, do a tour and then dive in

  5. You get clear direction, organizing strategies and recommendations 

  6. You receive a proactive action plan & checklist after each session 

  7. You do your home work and enjoy the amazing benefits of being organized with a pro

Who is ideal for virtual organizing ?

  • You don't have an organizer near you

  • You are good with to carry out the hands on work

  • You are motivated to complete homework between session to get organized faster 

  • You ideally have a iPad, mobile phone, laptop or computer to work virtually

  • You are physically able to organize or have a helper to support you

  • You have smaller windows of opportunity to organize

  • You want a more affordable option than in-person organizing


Virtual Organizing Packages

I'd love to help you get organized and while it might seem like organizing has been a roadblock for you, rest assured, when we work together, you will gain the enthusiasm and passion I have for organizing. It's so satisfying when everything is in it's place! 

Getting organized means committing to making a change today. As a Certified Virtual Organizing Professional I'm here to help. You can choose from a pay as you go approach or purchase a bank of hours and save. Book today!

Clothes Hangers
Pay as you go

1 Hour


Paid day of service

Sessions booked as needed

to flex with your schedule

Modern Home
Save 7%

4 Hours


Pre-paid package to be

completed within 4 months

of purchase

Bright and Modern Kitchen
Save 15%

8 Hours


Pre-paid package to be

completed within 8 months of purchase

Rates are Canadian Dollars

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