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With the pandemic I started working from home on a regular basis like most of the world. We had twins on the way so I was getting kicked out of our extra bedroom. As a solution we thought about converting our one car garage (which became a junk room) into my gym/office/man cave. My wife and I approached Marie for her expertise in maximizing the usage of that space. The detail she went into was amazing. She even came up with the creative idea of putting in a “false wall” to create the look of a separate room and keep all of our outdoor toys and bikes on the garage door side. All in all, we were super impressed with her work, creativity and genuine professionalism. I’d highly recommend Marie if you are looking to reorganize any room, closet or like us your garage!

Adam Briglio


I would recommend Marie's services in a heartbeat.  She gets you going and provide loads of very WORKABLE tips for organizing. There is NO judgement with Marie and she does it will fun and creativity.  Sometimes we know a room needs to be organized but we procrastinate... Marie is that catalyst that makes it happen.

Helen Grant, Realtor

Happy Woman

I  hired Marie to organize my home. I was most impressed with her creative ability to come up with solutions for what I thought were impossible spaces. She brings the tools she needs with her and gets the job done well! I would recommend her highly for any organizing job. 

Heather Carter

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