Actionable Strategies

Save time, reduce dishwashing and swapping germs

 Just to make matters worse (AKA you''re sick) and  you don't have what you need to take care of a cold or flu when it hits. The last thing you feel like doing is running out to get cough medicine or tissue. Create a care kit before the seasons strikes and you'll be re...

The easiest and fastest way to purge kids stuff is to have them involved.

Way too many stuffies is a common problem when dealing with getting kids spaces organized. It can be a health issue if kids have allergies and have too many stuffies. Our pediatrican recommended o...

Let's have a look at how to design a recycling center today there's so much that you can recycle it's important that you have a designated area for it and they have enough space.

  1. Location - make sure you choose an area that is close to all the action...

One of the best yet most obvious tests to help you purge an item out of your home is the dust or amount of dust it has collected. The thicker the dust, the more likely the item needs to go. Here's a list of the top 10 dust collectors that will free up space, make clean...

Your home can become a trap for unfinished projects. They not only take up space in you home, but they take up space in your mind. 

Why you hold onto projects

Whether it’s scrap booking, DIY furniture make-overs, learning an instrument, wood working, jewelry making, cand...

After searching for "toothbrush" in amazon and getting 97,087 results, you have to wonder where we are headed.

Yes, isn't it wonderful to have all the choices but when it gets down to it, you're sacrificing your time to process all the choices whether its a decorating o...

Keeping tack of kids medical information and taking care of kids

Plain and simple - clothes cost money. If you have children and want more children, you'll want to put in place a system to handle clothes you want to pass to the next child. Staying ahead of the game is critical to preventing an overwhelming backlog. START now ... you...

You've heard it before but you have enough. Until you gather and group, you really don't get it. After every job it always amazes me that people don't realize just how duplicates, triplicates and many more they actually have. As seen above after working for less than a...

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