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10 Tips to Turn Down Email Volume

February 1, 2014

  1. Unsubscribe - be ruthless, love'em or dump'em

  2. White space - aim to see white at the bottom of your list of emails 

  3. Silence - turn off email sound notifications

  4. Calendarize - drag & drop emails to your calendar or tag the email as an event to a day

  5. Prioritize - use colour  categories to highlight and or flags to classify emails for example red for ASAP, yellow for pending, grey for reference

  6. Segragate - set up emails strategically - one work, one personal, one for very high priority info and one for deals and subscriptions and give the appropriate focus to each one.

  7. 2 min - if you can take care of it in 2 minutes -  do it

  8. Search - save time and use it often to find emails

  9. Rules - use rules to highlight emails you need to pay attention to or to direct emails to a folder like "news"

  10. Appointment - set a time and a time limit to emailing


BONUS tip - avoid email first thing in a day, save that for strategic thinking or meditation

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