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Get Organized & Save Money: IKEA's Sell-Back Program

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I've has always been fond of IKEA given their innovative storage solutions, affordable pricing , modular systems and multi-purpose designs. However, they are doing something, as an Eco-Organizer, I really applaud, and that's the creation of their innovative sell-back program. Every year, millions of pieces of secondhand furniture go to waste. This program shows IKEA's commitment to sustainability and its efforts to encourage a more circular economy in the furniture industry. So what does this mean to you ... get organized and save money with Ikea's Sell-Back Program!


How the Program Works


IKEA's sell-back program is ingeniously simple and effectively incentivizes  you to participate in a sustainable cycle of furniture use. IKEA Family members can receive in-store credit and give unwanted furniture a second life. 

  1. Customers with gently used, resell-able IKEA furniture can apply to sell these items back to the store in exchange for store credit.

  2. The process involves an online application where customers submit details about the furniture they wish to sell back.

  3. IKEA evaluates the item's condition and offers a preliminary sell-back value.

  4. If the customer agrees, they bring the item to an IKEA store for physical inspection and to finalize the transaction.

  5. The returned items are then resold in the "As-Is" section at a reduced price, giving them a second life and offering shoppers more affordable options.


 The Benefits of the Program


Buyers will find everything from discontinued items, gently used and even ex-showroom displays. Pre-owned items have been thoroughly inspected to ensure functionality and safety. And there's more ...


  • Positive impact on the environment

  • Less waste ending up in landfills

  • Fewer resources being consumed

  • Sellers recoup some of their initial investment

  • Buyers have more affordable “As-Is” options

  • Everyone feels better taking sustainable action


IKEA's sell-back program is an inspiring model for the retail industry, showcasing how large corporations can lead the way in sustainable business practices. It illustrates the importance of creating economic incentives for consumers to engage in sustainable behaviors and supports to a circular economy. It's a future where businesses and consumers alike recognize their role in safeguarding our planet for generations to come.


Shop As-is and help extend the lifecycle of furniture and reduce environmental waste.

Ikea Warehouse with Consumer looking at furniture



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