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10 Pink Tips to Holiday Happiness

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Media and mega marketing are at all time highs over the holidays. It’s time to put on your blinders, avoid the hype and up the happiness factor.

  1. Be an Ostrich - Pretend you’ve done all your shopping. Instead, arrive laden with food & spirits dressed up as a hostess gift. Buy only a few to no presents except for small children.

  2. Make it Visual and Virtual – If you must shop, use Pinterest and create a secret board to pin pictures of gift ideas for friends and family or create a board to create pins for gifts you have on your own wish list!

  3. Make Do - Ditch the trip to load up on expensive gift-wrap. Find ways to wrap and be creative with things you have on hand, it will bring out your inner smile.

  4. Reduce Shopping Stress - Shop when the crowds are celebrating or recovering from the celebrations; weekday evenings, Saturday and Sunday morning are the best times to avoid crazy crowds.

  5. Explore More - Search YouTube for fun and new ways to decorate. You will find a seemingly unending supply of inspiring videos from table settings to gift-wrapping to cookie decorating.

  6. Strike Hot - Decorate only if you’re in the mood; could be early, right on time or not at all. If you plan to decorate - the earlier you do it, the longer you can enjoy the fruits of your labor or ….

  7. Invite a Team - have a tree trimming party where friends and family come to decorate your tree, sing a carol and raise a toast. Make it easy – order a giant sub (4-8 feet) with different fillings to feed a group, create a festive punch, lay out all your ornaments, download song sheets and enjoy.

  8. Save Time - If your do Christmas lights and store them in a cool area, bring them in a day or two before you hang them, the wire warms up and makes hanging so much easier!

  9. Anti-Box - Avoid mega boxing week and New Years blow out sales; know you already have everything you need. Go visiting instead.

  10. Schedule Secret Time - Calendarize time to nourish yourself – a spa treatment, vanilla cinnamon steamed milk by the fire or quiet time soaking up the Christmas tree lights.

Today, we are so fortunate that most of us live in abundance and don't need more stuff. However, thankfully we do still run best on happiness.

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