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Take an Extra Week's Vacation!

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Here's a tip to get back 8 days every year. Simply said, keyboard shortcuts. You may be familiar with the quick commands for print, save, cut copy and paste but there are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts that will literally save you 8 days a year.

Studies show you save 2 seconds per minute using shortcuts. Seconds add up to minutes which add up to hours which adds up to days and voila 8 days a year. So start making deposits in you increment time bank. It might be a bit of a brain strain at first but the pay off is worth it once your muscle memory takes over and you leave you mouse in the dust.

7 Tips to Learning

  1. Create your own cheat sheet

  2. Look for quick commands in your drop down menus

  3. Commit to learn a new shortcut everyday

  4. Set up a contest with you co-workers

  5. Get an app to help you learn

  6. Hide your mouse

  7. Practice until it becomes second nature

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