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Top 25 Things that Clog your Home

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Professional organizers see it all. Residentially, I’ve likely seen pretty much everything that a person can buy, store, hide, pile or stash. Here’s the list of the 25 of things that clog up client's homes. 95% of the time they don’t need or need very little of them.

Top 25 Cloggers

  1. Elastics

  2. Plastic bags

  3. Mega mug collection

  4. Soya Sauce / condiment packets

  5. Broken appliances

  6. Plastic containers

  7. Cookbooks from yesteryear

  8. Encyclopedias

  9. Inkless Pens

  10. Broken Pencils

  11. Real Estate note pads

  12. Dusty magazines

  13. Income tax returns from beyond 7 years

  14. City phone books

  15. Manuals and instructions

  16. Expired prescriptions

  17. Mystery keys

  18. Unused sports equipment

  19. Mystery remote controls

  20. Outdated electronics

  21. Ancient software

  22. VHS and cassette tapes

  23. Old charger wires

  24. Air plane headsets

  25. Empty boxes

Consider the sentimental value, actual utility, and emotional attachment to each item. Often, the thought of letting go can be more daunting than the act itself. Start small, with one category at a time, and gradually work your way through the list. The result? A lighter, more organized space that fosters clarity and peace of mind.

Pick one or 25 and providing you don't use, need or love it, start paring down now!

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