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Organizing Remote Controls

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It’s time to take control of your TVs, DVDs, PVRs, iPhone docks, stereos, game controls, candles and VHS remotes. It should take 15 to 45 minutes depending on the number of remotes and your organizing prowess.

1. Start by collecting them all together

2. Identify what they control

3. Recycle remotes that you no longer use

4. If you are unsure of it's use – label "mystery remotes" and stow away

5. Wipe down the remotes with a sanitary wipe

6. Label frequently used remotes ie "Living room TV"

7. Create and agree on an attractive convenient home

8. Consider a universal control to manage many devices in one - see below

Creative Homes to Keep Your Clickers

  1. Antique cutlery caddy

  2. Vintage canister

  3. Square vase

  4. Magnetic office organizer

  5. Funky Basket

  6. Decorative Tray

  7. Spinning caddy

  8. Velcro them to the device (soft side to the remote, prickly to the device)

  9. Remote control pocket

  10. Desk organizer

  11. License plate remote control holder

  12. Vintage hinged glove boxes

Universal Remote Tips

  1. Most devices have a code (in the instructions or online) you assign on the universal remote to set it up. It should only take a few minutes.

  2. Check to see if your universal device can “learn” the code by aiming the sensor towards the unit.

  3. Ask your teenager to figure it out.

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