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How to Organize Kids Medical Info

organizing childrens medical information

When you have children, doctor visits are part of the terrain and part of the pain! Sometimes just arriving at the right place at the right time and date can be a miracle. Children gracing your life is a joy but having a family compounds and complicates life tenfold. You have others that count on you for care and survival.

Why keeping organized is essential

  1. You will have the answers when doctors ask questions about signs and symptoms

  2. You will have important medical information when you are travelling

  3. You will have a history you can pass on to you children to maintain

If you don't have the time to get set up, email me for your complimentary copy of Kids Medical Tracker which includes a:

  1. Doctors Visit Tracker

  2. Medical Contact Tracker

  3. Kids Hospital or Specialist Tracker

  4. Sick Tracker

  5. Prescription Tracker

You can print the documents or save them digitally. If you print them be sure to bring them to doctors visits and when you travel. If you choose to use them digitally, back the file up or save it in a secure cloud storage where you can access it anywhere with wifi from your mobile or laptop. Bring the print version or open the electronic tracker up in the waiting room so you are prepared for the doctors visit and can take brief notes on the spot. If not, be sure to complete your notes the right away before you forget important information!

Bonus tip

  • Create a folder for each child to drop in prescriptions, requisitions, test results etc.

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