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Build in Buffer Time

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Do you arrive just on time or in the nick of time. Phew right? Well, is it worth the stress of dealing with life's little unplanned blockers - a string of red lights, unexpected construction, tourist drivers, no parking, leaving your credit card at the store or a slow motion elevator. You get the picture.

Start using buffer time ... let's see how simple it is 

Buffer time is an invaluable tool for reclaiming control over your schedule and reducing the anxiety associated with tight deadlines. By setting aside a small window of time before appointments as a buffer, you grant yourself the space to breathe, reset, and prepare for whatever the day may throw your way. Buffer time provides a cushion of calm amidst life's chaos.

If you are stressed it's well worth the little bit of time to reset your internal stress ticker. The calming affect is remarkable. If you are a few minutes early, use the micro moments to catch up on email, visualize a super positive outcome or ... just relax.

Embracing buffer time isn't just about punctuality—it's a practice in self-care and mindfulness. Taking those extra moments to center yourself can have a profound impact on your well-being, enhancing your resilience and capacity to handle stress with grace. So next time you find yourself racing against the clock, remember the power of buffer time. Embrace the opportunity to arrive not just on time, but with a sense of calm and readiness to tackle whatever lies ahead.

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