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Time for Tea

tea box

With life's chaotic pace it's important to take time for yourself and if you're a tea drinker you'll love this pleasure ... a tea drawer. A drawer works well so you can see the breadth of your tea collection. You can also use the drawer as a space limiter - in other words if all your tea doesn't fit into the drawer it's time to toss. You will find it saves time getting the tea you want having opened boxes.

How to Make a Tea Drawer

1. You will need to organize your kitchen so that you devote a drawer to tea - aim to get it close to the sink. Collect all your tea things together - mugs, cups, kettle etc. so they are located near the tea drawer.

2. Toss any old teas and cut the tops off the boxes of tea you keep.

cutting the top off a tea box

3. Cut the tea label off (see below) and tape it to the side flap of the tea so each tea is easy to identify (you can also use a label maker for consistency)

labelling a DIY tea box

4. Organize your tea boxes with the favourites at the front.

tea box organization

5. After all that now have a tea!

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