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Don't Let a Good Read Weigh You Down

organized magazines in magazine holders

There's nothing like the luxury of a good mag in a hot bath or in a hammock in the summer shade. Trashy or informative, it's a pleasant indulgence and removal from busy. However, today magazines are becoming thing of the past. They are cheaper to produce and more earth friendly to read them online.

I know, some folks state, "I just like the feel". I hear you but let's ask ourselves 9 serious questions ...

  1. Are you a collector, stasher, piler?

  2. How old are they?

  3. How much real estate do they consume?

  4. How dusty are they?

  5. Do you think you're going RE-read them?

  6. Will you read ones you missed reading?

  7. Have you ear marked articles for later reference?

  8. Have you referenced them?

  9. Did you pay darn good money for them?

I will give it to you for having the best of intentions but here's the deal. It's time to free yourself of this paper burden. You will gain physical space in your home and mental space in your head. It will open you up to take in more relevant info.

Quick magazine management tips

  1. Gather them all together

  2. Sort by magazine

  3. Determine if you need to unsubscribe to any

  4. Keep frequently referenced magazine articles or magazines of extreme value long term

  5. Recycle everything older than a year or see if a used book store would want them or a school

  6. Use magazine holders to store magazines from the current year

  7. Label by type or name for quick reference

  8. Purge annually

BONUS TIP - Subscribe to magazines online and avoid the entire fiasco

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