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Ten Tips to Reduce Stress over the Holidays

It's that time of year when things get out of control. You think you have a handle on it and then the momentum of invitations turn into a blur of social celebrations, the gift giving takes a big chunk out of your bank account, you get sick from the overindulgence and frankly really just wanted some alone time over the holidays. Is it worth it?

Taking Advantage of Taking Stock

After the holidays, when the pain is fresh in your mind and body, do a debrief. If not, you'll forget because there's holiday amnesia which sets in after time passes. Take stock and write down recommendations on how I'd like to do the holidays differently next year. Create an online document or use book that you will come back to each year and ask yourself 2 simple questions

  1. How would I rate it on a scale of 1 to 10?

  2. What will I start, stop and continue?

Ten tips to save time and money

Here's a shortlist of changes we've made to make the holidays more enjoyable

  1. We email a family photo and update instead for writing and sending cards

  2. My husband and I skip stockings and gifts

  3. We only buy gifts for kids

  4. We donate to World Vision in lieu of sending gifts to friends

  5. We said no gifts for us - we'd prefer they save the money and time

  6. We postponed the "let's get together" invitations into January

  7. We simplified Christmas dinner keeping the gathering small

  8. We have Christmas at home instead of carting all the gifts to Mom and Dad's

  9. We buy some gifts after Christmas for next year and save up to 75%

  10. We do our best to avoid sugar at all costs

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