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12 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays

christmas candles and table setting

It's that time of year when the gift giving takes a chunk out of your bank account, you get sick from whatever is going around and you could really use some alone time or get together time.

Here's a dozen ideas to make your holidays more enjoyable

  1. Walk the neighbourhood one evening to soak in holiday lights - especially after a fresh snow fall.

  2. Have a tree trimming party and sing carols together

  3. Give each other the gift of not exchanging gifts

  4. Host a shortbread or gingerbread making party online

  5. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

  6. If you don't have a fireplace spark one up on your TV and let the holiday tunes play

  7. Avoid sugar and alcohol as best as you can

  8. Volunteer or donate to a bigger cause in lieu of sending gifts to friends

  9. Do a fun winter activity you love ... snowshoe, skate, sledding, hike, bake, play family board games

  10. Buy some gifts after Christmas for next year and save up to 75% if you are giving

  11. If you have an abundance of holiday decor, be sure to donate early in December

  12. Remember to relax

As the holiday season approaches with its flurry of activities and expenses, it's essential to prioritize joy and connection amidst the chaos. Consider these dozen ideas to infuse your holidays with warmth and meaning. Whether it's strolling through twinkling neighborhoods, hosting virtual gatherings, or indulging in beloved winter activities, there are countless ways to create cherished memories without breaking the bank or succumbing to stress. Embrace the spirit of giving by volunteering or donating to those in need, and perhaps opt for experiences over material gifts. As you navigate the festivities, remember to prioritize self-care and relaxation, savoring the simple moments that truly make the season magical.

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