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The Magic of an Eco-Friendly Holiday

More than ever, we are aware of the impact of consumerism on "our" planet. Here's ways you can enjoy and feel good about this festive time while reducing your footprint.

Girl blowing snowflacks outside

Tips to a More Eco-Friendly Holiday

  1. Give each other the gift of not exchanging gifts OR if you must ...

    • Give gifts that last

    • Regift

    • Give experiences

    • Look for gifts made from recycle sources

    • Volunteer or donate to a bigger cause in place of gifts

    • Instead of gifts for all family adults, put names in a hat and draw one name for gift giving

    • Wrap with low impact materials, reuseable gift bags or use old wrapping paper again

    • Check out this fantastic website for great ideas that create less waste

  2. Go caroling

  3. Walk the neighbourhood one evening to soak in holiday lights - especially after a fresh snow fall.

  4. Use LED holiday lights and turn them off at bedtime

  5. Spark up the online crackling fireplace and let the holiday tunes play

  6. Connect as a family ... bake together, enjoy charades, play board games or puzzle

  7. Enjoy fun winter activity you love ... snowshoeing, skating, sledding, hiking

  8. Use a live tree which can be used 3 years before having to repot

  9. Send an ecard instead of a paper card

  10. Eat more plants

  11. Donate any decor abundance early in December


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