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International Zero Waste Day - Eliminate Single Use Plastic

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In honour of International Day of Zero Waste, I began to research what has been happening and quickly became very discouraged. Instead of getting depressed, I decided to refocus my mind and energy on one thing to make a difference.

Many folks buy cases of bottled water for convenience. I would like to bring some facts into focus to convince anyone doing this to change this habit. After reading some stats, my hope is they will stop using single use plastic water bottles and convince others to do the same.

The Plastic Facts

  • We are consume 1 million plastic water bottles a minute worldwide

  • Less than 30% recycled ... the rest are incinerated or in our soil and oceans.

  • Plastic takes 450 years to breakdown. It doesn't actually doesn't go away. It turns into micro-plastic. Micro-plastics are now being found in the human body - a rapidly emerging health risk.

  • Micro-plastics are expected to outnumber fish by 2040.

  • The average person ingests about 5 grams of plastic per week which is equivalent to eating a credit card every week according to The World Health Organization.

These are staggering stats that underscore the significant environmental challenge posed by single-use plastics.

I understand - it feels beyond our control, too big to make a difference. However, each and every small action we make WILL make a difference, if we all believe in it. There was a time where we did not have plastic water bottles and we survived.

You know what to do but, just in case here are some tips from Habits of Waste ...

Be a Plastic Bottle HoW Changer

  1. Refuse Say no to plastic bottles! BYOB and fill up anywhere using applications such as TAP.

  2. Replace Use plastic bottle alternatives, such as reusable water bottles.

  3. Request Ask your school or office for a water filtration system program or hydration station that encourages students or employees to bring reusable bottles.

  4. Rally Attend local rallies and efforts for restricting and banning single use plastics. Your voice matters.

  5. Reach Out Contact your favorite water bottle companies asking them to consider eco-alternatives to plastic.

Bonus Tips for Keeners to Make a Difference

  1. Install a water filtration system: Consider installing a water filtration system at home or using filtration pitchers to ensure access to clean and safe drinking water without the need for single-use plastic bottles.

  2. Utilize refill stations: Take advantage of refill stations and water fountains available in public places, schools, workplaces, and recreational areas to refill your reusable water bottle on the go.

  3. Plan ahead: Before leaving home, make it a habit to fill your reusable water bottle with water or your preferred beverage to avoid the temptation of purchasing single-use plastic bottles when out and about.

  4. Educate others: Raise awareness about the environmental impact of single-use plastic water bottles and encourage friends, family, and colleagues to switch to reusable alternatives. Share information, resources, and personal experiences to inspire change.

  5. Lead by example: Be a role model for sustainable behavior by consistently using your reusable water bottle and refusing single-use plastic bottles. Your actions can influence others to follow suit.

  6. Advocate for refill stations: Advocate for the installation of refill stations and water dispensers in public places, businesses, and institutions to promote the use of reusable water bottles and reduce reliance on single-use plastics.

  7. Participate in campaigns: Join or support campaigns and initiatives aimed at reducing single-use plastic water bottle consumption, such as "Refill" campaigns or "Plastic Free July," and participate in activities like plastic bottle clean-up drives.

  8. Celebrate progress: Celebrate your efforts and progress in reducing single-use plastic water bottle consumption, whether it's by tracking the number of bottles you've avoided or sharing success stories with others to inspire further action.

Let's commit to being part of the solution. By saying no to single-use plastic bottles and embracing reusable alternatives, we can collectively make a significant difference. Small changes in our daily habits can lead to big changes for our planet. The power to create change lies within each of us. Let's make it count.

Start today.

zero for international zero waste day


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