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Don't Waste Time Cleaning the Microwave

kitchen organizing tip for microwaves

Does anyone actually like cleaning the microwave? All too often the microwave has a crusty build up of household meal splattering’s or unfortunate food explosions. As time goes by the food gets more cemented to the inside of the microwave!

Here are 4 easy tips to eliminate this yucky problem!

  1. If you don't already have a reusable microwave cover, look for one that is top rack dishwasher safe, vented, BPA-Free and FDA approved. A collapsible version will save inches when it's stored.

  2. INSIDER TIP .... Leave the cover in the microwave - it's proximity will increase it's usage. One must lift the cover in order to use the microwave.

  3. It's important to tell everyone to use it. It will keep their food moist - microwaves are notorious for drying out food - and save time fiddling with plastic wrap.

  4. Whenever you run the dishwasher place the cover in the top rack or if you have an explosion give it a quick hand wash (which takes significantly less time than wiping out the micro).

It's as simple and as easy as that and this tip is estimated to save you 4+ hours every year.

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