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How to Create a Smart Tub Space

drain cover to reduce clogs

Whether you are renovating or building a bathroom, designing a smart shower and tub space will dramatically truly pay off. Here's some tips to get the most out of small spaces ...

Double Duty

Use the back of the bath enclosure to hang towels. Despite what you think would happen in a shower, normally, towels do not get wet at the back. You can add towel racks one over the other as you see below or you can purchase a double rack if you need to hang 2 towels lower down. You can also buy an all in one towel rack, shelf and bar like the ones you see in hotels. Then you can hang, roll and fold towels to truly maximize your bathroom space

double towel rack saves space

Hail the Hook

There's never enough hooks in the world and that includes the bathroom, specifically in the tub area. Hooks are great for wet face cloths, dripping bathing suits or hanging a back scrubber. Have one hook per family member - again towards the back of the shower and or up high at the front of the shower to the left or right of the shower head. Another tip is to give each family member a different colour face cloth to keep germs at bay.

hooks to organize towels

Covet a Cove

Use the space between studs to build in a shower niche to store shampoo, soaps and razors. Customize the shape and size according to what is needed. Consider a high position on the wall at the front on the wall for showering and a lower niche in the middle back for bathing.

shower cove to organize soaps and shampoos

Secret Storage

I love this vinyl shower curtain with mesh pockets for holding all kinds of bathroom necessities. Use it on its own for the advantage of light or get double shower curtain hooks to hang a fabric curtain on the front for privacy and the clear vinyl curtain on the inside. The mesh pockets are quite large and hold a lot. It is quite durable and lasts a far amount of time but does need to be replaced especially if you put a lot of weight into the pockets. Amazon .. overall a winner!

vinyl shower curtain wtih mesh pockets

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