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3 Tips to Save Time & Money Driving your Car

women in car with thumbs up to saving money

1. Get GasBuddy

Do you get a little irritated every time you have to fill up with gas wondering how prices swing 10 cents in a day or why the government nabs close to 30%? You’re not alone but here’s what you can do to reduce your fuel costs.

  • Download GasBuddy, a free app downloaded by 90 million folks who’ve rated it with 5 stars

  • See the cheapest or closest gas station to you in seconds

  • Check out the map feature and other tips to save gas

  • Report gas prices to get points and create good car karma

2. Plan Ahead

Plan Efficient Routes: Plan your trips in advance to minimize unnecessary driving and optimize routes. Combining errands or grouping destinations together can save both time and fuel. I love Google Maps but people also rave about Waze.

  • Always check Google Maps to see if there are any traffic issues

  • Use Google Maps early to estimate the length of time it "usually" takes to get to your destination

3. Use Triplog

Do you need to track kilometers but forget to log them or own a business and wait until tax time to figure it out? Triplog is your answer. This highly rated Android or iOS app simplifies tracking auto mileage and expenses. It uses GPS and auto starts, stops and uploads your trip to the web.

  • Tracking is a breeze with a little initial set up

  • Categorize trips by business, personal, medical or charity

  • Make adjustments after the trip

  • Calculate fuel economy and manage multiple vehicles

  • Create reports you’re accountant will love

The free version is good but I’d recommend making the small investment for the app and web combo.

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