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10 Smart Tips to Organize and Stock a Fridge

fridge and grocery list

PART 1- Fridge Organizing

Do you struggle with a crammed fridge or feel you are tossing out more than you are eating? It might feel like you don’t have enough space, can’t find what you need or hate putting leftovers away. Follow these 10 fridge tips and you’ll be well on your way to a more enjoyable fridge experience.

  1. Start Outside – Remove everything of the outside front of your fridge. Find another location to display artwork, photos and notices. Then adamantly maintain an inspiring clear fridge door.

  2. Make Space - Aim to regain 15-20% of your fridge space by tossing anything expired or you’re unlikely use. Religiously clear perishables weekly.

  3. Made to Measure - Adjust shelves to accommodate products you buy. Organize your food by size and type.

  4. Perfect Position - Position frequently used and nutritious foods so they are within easy to reach.

  5. Think Departments - Set up your fridge like in a grocery store - drinks, dairy, condiments, deli meats & cheeses, fruits, veggies and snacks. Food will more likely return to its department.

  6. Easy Access - Use clear bins that slide out easily to make foods at the back more accessible. Leave enough space to shuffle foods so you can access what you want without removing other food.

  7. Never Run Out - Set up a notepaper roll and magnetic penholder (see image above) near the fridge or use an app like Cozi to list items when you're about 20% away from running out.

  8. Avoid Buying Duplicates - Take a photo of the inside of your fridge before you shop.

  9. Make Space – Devote an area for groceries near the fridge to unload after a big shop.

  10. Ready to Go - Pre-wash and dry produce before you store produce in crisper. Be environmentally smart and use nylon mesh bags instead of plastic bags

BONUS TIP – It might be tempting but, only buy in bulk when it makes sense. You might find a smaller size fits better in your fridge, the quantity is sufficient and you throw out less food.

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Some of the tips n the article above where originally published in Chaletaine's October 2014 issue on page 81 where I was the consulting professional organizer in an article titled "Do Give Your Fridge a Makeover".

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