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A Simple Way To Speed Up Organized Meal Prep

sink of fresh

Who couldn't use a tip to make meal prep a little faster? Learn how using the produce production line technique.

Pick up some fruit and veggie soak concentrate at your grocery store - I use Nature Clean - then be sure to pack produce together. When you arrive home with an armful of groceries and unload them near the sink. Fill the sink with water and 30 ml of fruit and veggie soak to a gallon of water. Remove any labels and place your product in solution for up to 2 minutes swirling and dunking as needed.

Rinse well and set on a drying rack or lay out on clean dishtowels. Small round produce like grapes or tomatoes may need a quick rub to get them dry faster. Once dry place in crisper and voila - ready to eat or use.

Aside from saving time this product helps remove surface pesticides, wax and chemical residues.

Incorporating the produce production line into your meal prep routine not only streamlines the cleaning process but also encourages healthier eating habits by making fruits and vegetables more accessible. With your produce cleaned and ready to go, you're more likely to reach for a healthy snack or easily throw together a nutritious meal without the deterrent of prep time.

Moreover, this method can significantly reduce food waste; by immediately processing your fruits and veggies, you're less likely to forget about them and let them spoil. It's also a great way to involve kids in the kitchen, teaching them about the importance of cleaning their food and helping them learn basic meal prep skills in a fun and engaging way.

Finally, adopting this technique can lead to a more organized refrigerator, as you're prompted to sort and store your produce efficiently, making it easier to see what you have available and plan meals accordingly.

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