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10 Fabulous Food & Fridge Storage Tips

  1. Maximize every inch – Avoid round containers, instead use square or rectangular stacking containers for leftovers to maximize space.

  2. Take Care - Extend the life of asparagus, green onions and herbs. Wash, dry and place them in a container with some water. Cover them loosely with a plastic bag and store in the fridge door changing the water every 2-3 days or when it is cloudy.

  3. Extend Edibles - Dig deep, choose the longest expiry date and buy smaller quantities when you shop. Set fruit crisper to low humidity and vegetable crisper to high humidity.

  4. Forever Fresh - Stick an ARM & HAMMER™ Fridge Fresh™ Refrigerator Air Filter to the inside of the fridge wall to save space and keep foods fresh.

  5. Use Labels - label fridge sections to encourage the household to keep the fridge organized. Date left overs with Jokari Erasable Food Labels. Keep the marker, eraser and labels nearby.

  6. Prolong your Produce – Save money by using a Blueapple® to keep fruits and veggies lasting longer and tasting great. It absorbs the gases that spoil food in your crisper.

  7. Systemize Packaging - Set up a station with a variety of square containers, Ziplocs and a marker with labels to date leftovers.

  8. Made for Fridges – Although a little pricey, the Interdesign Fridge Binz are a fantastic customizable storage solution for your fridge. They keep foods easily accessible.

  9. Clearly Contained - Use clear stackable containers and lids so you can quickly see leftovers.

  10. Safe Storage - Use glass containers for storing microwavable leftovers and plastic for foods you don’t reheat.


Good Lighting – This might seem obvious but fridge light bulbs do burn out, so be sure to check and replace them.

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