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Road Trip Tips

Clear organizing tips for your weekend road trips this summer ...

large ziplocks

Go Big - BIG Ziploc bags make great travel totes. You can quickly pack your kids clothes, use another for laundry, another for wet towels and swim suits. The handles make them easy to carry and packing the car is easier since they can be squeezed into open spots. At your destination, outfits are quick to retrieve and everything stays dry.

ouch pouch

Safety First - Mom’s never go anywhere without a secret stash of Band-Aids. You'll love this adorable Ouch Pouch from Etsy to create your own custom kit to handle bumps, bruises, and mini medical issues (be sure to include the lollipop). These made to order clear front pouches are perfect for weekend camping, beach trips, sports, bike and skateboarding outings.

clear bag etsy

Reduce Frustration - There’s nothing worse than a big bag with a black liner, you can't find anything when you need it. Stop the frustration and get a clear sturdy clear tote bag. Access all your essentials in a flash – water, snacks, sunscreen, mags, wallet, cell, pad and pen. Check out this Etsy chic handmade clear zip tote in an array of colours.

ziplocks for organizing

Prepare Ahead - Keep chargers, wires and electronic gadgets organized before, during and after your trip. Start by collecting, culling and sorting them. Then label and categorize them in Ziploc’s for a no tangle solution that makes finding what you want a breeze.

clear bin for shoes

Centralize - Toss your Crocs, flip-flops, swim shoes and snickers into clear bins for getaways to the cottage or lake. When you arrive you can quickly grab summer sandals from your portable shoe station. If they are returned wet – no problem for this waterproof transporter.

plastic folio for trip prep

Get Clear - Planning ahead is the key to a successful trip. First create reusable trip checklists - easy to find online. Centralize all your papers, grocery list, “don’t forget” list and trip receipts in one folder or in this portable plastic folio protector.

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