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Stay on top of your Medications

Remembering to take vitamins or medication can be a challenge for adults, not to mention keeping you kids on track of supplements, homeopathic remedies and any prescriptions. Like many, I was tired of reminding my kids to take the regime of health drops and pills. So, I was on a mission to get it on a kind of auto pilot.

Hello Medisafe

After searching the app market for an easy to use app, I discovered Medisafe who's seen 90,000 users rate them a 4.6 out of 5 and has 7 million users. It automates complicated medication schedules and allows for care collaboration. using iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

What I loved about it for our kids, was it is so easy to use. Our kids set up their own schedules for their prescriptions, vitamins and homeopathics. They choose their own avatars, set up notifications and entered doctor's information (with adult supervision. They cleverly allow the user to choose an image and colour that best describes the form of medicine, supplement or homeopathic.

Kids are notified on a device by the sound of a bottle of pills being shaken. Parents need to be ultimately responsible but this is a great app that will enlists your kids and notify you if they miss a doses.


An added bonus is you've got access to your medications and frequencies if you see a new doctor or are travelling and need the information quickly.

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