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One thing at a time, you spend your whole life collecting things. Whether it's books, photos, paper, Lego, elastics, sports gear, electronics, shoes, emails or journals, unless you are a Tibetan monk you're mostly likely headed towards the lifelong habit of gathering and tending to your things.

You won’t notice the seriousness of this practice at first and you'll deem these things as necessary. You will spend more time doing this than getting rid of things. And herein lays the problem.

Thing Inventory

You will forget to revisit your "thing" inventory to see if you need it in your life. You might move and be forced to reduce you things … or not. You may just pack it all up and post phone the decision making because its’ too overwhelming. Or you might kid yourself and be an incredibly good stasher. Occasionally you will do a blitz but never anything regular or completely thorough. It's not that you will entirely or intentionally neglect getting rid of things but it won’t be your focus until you hit the wall and find ...

  • You can’t stand it anymore

  • You can’t find the thing you need

  • You buy multiples of the same thing

  • You feel a burden but you can’t quite describe it

  • You secretly know you have too much stuff


If little has done to weed your garden of things, these things will have become entirely overgrown and insidiously out of control. Worse, they will be next to useless at being useful. You will spend so much time maintaining things that you have no time to rest and relax or simply enjoy your life.

Stop now, reverse engines ... you've heard the rule one in one out, well you need to get serious about this disease and amp up the rule to be more like one in 100 out.

Make your rule and stick to it ... start now.

Tip to get you started ...

Life's accumulation of stuff can overwhelm us, hindering rather than enhancing our lives. Recognize the burden, weed out the excess, and reclaim your space and sanity. Connect with me if you need you help reducing your stuff and getting organized.

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