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Outsmart Colds & Flu with a Care Kit

cold and flu treatment

Getting Organized for to Defeat Colds and Flus

Just to make matters worse (AKA you''re sick) and you don't have what you need to take care of a cold or flu when it hits. The last thing you feel like doing is running out to get cough medicine or tissue. Create a care kit before the seasons strikes and you'll be ready for just about anything. Here's quick some tips to keep you organized.

identify medicines


If you have more than one person in your household who's sick be sure to identify treatments by person. Use coloured permanent markers or labels to quickly indicate who's medicine is who's. You don't want to cross pollinate any germs!

cold and flue care kit


Create a kit which is quick to grab as well as store. Clear containers are always best when it comes to seeing what you need and the more pockets or dividers the better for organizing what you have i.e. group throat treatments together or nasal treatments. The bag above was purchased at a fabric store although you could use a basket with handles for a more decorative touch. Although using a container which you can put in your purse or bag is particularly convenient for when you do have to go out - alternately a zip lock is magical.

cold and flu medications and supplements and teas


Curious as to what I've found effective in my care kit - see above. Although not a complete visual of all my weaponry, it gives you an idea of my top go to medicines, beyond a vaporizer and pain medications. Be sure to check expiry dates as medicines and treatments loose their effectiveness after the expiry date. You wouldn't want to have a fever and doubt wether you have what it takes to get you into normal range.

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