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Actionable Strategies

Just how many flashlights do you need!

You've heard it before but you have enough. Until you gather and group, you really don't get it. After every job it always amazes me that people don't realize just how duplicates, triplicates and many more they actually have. As seen above after working for less than an hour we corralled all 9 flashlights from useful to useless.

If there is no home organizing system in place, things end up all over the place in completely random locations. If you don't know where to start to look or don't remember you have an item, you can easily end up buying the same thing again and again.

Questions to ask?

  1. Do you need them?

  2. What size do you need??

  3. How many do you need (really)?

  4. Do they work?

  5. Do they need batteries?

  6. Do they need to be charged?

  7. Do they need to be in a special location for emergency purposes, in the car, near the bed?

  8. Do you use it, need it or love it?

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