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Storing Clothes for Kids to Come

organizing kids clothes

Plain and simple - clothes cost money. If you have children and want more children, you'll want to put in place a system to handle clothes you want to pass to the next child. Staying ahead of the game is critical to preventing an overwhelming backlog. START now ... you'll save time, money and protect the environment.

Here's your HOW TO guide

system for organizing kids hand me downs and clothing donations

How to Get Started

  • Be mentally prepared to go through each piece of clothing and footwear.

  • Make sure all clothes are washed and dried.

How to Contain

  • Get clear bins so you can easily see what's in them and stack them.

  • Another option are Ikea Dimpa zippered bags 25 ½x8 ¾x25 ½ " with handles - they're inexpensive, fit under a bed and handle alot of clothes.

  • See above how one of my clients resourcefully used her Whole Foods Bags.

How to Label

  • Use a marker and green removable tape.

  • Label containers or bags by size i.e. 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, 2 years, 3 years, donate or the name of a child you regularly pass clothes to.

  • Set up a garbage bag.

How to Sort

  • Pick up each piece of clothing and sort by size

  • Toss clothes directly into the appropriate containers.

  • Take into a account how the item fits as some clothes fit small or big.

  • Donate clothes you don't want but are in usable condition.

  • Toss any soiled clothes into garbage bags.

How to Store

  • Make sure you store clothes using a system called FIFO = first in first out so the earliest years are most accessible when you need them.

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