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How to deal with Project Backlog

Your home can become a trap for unfinished projects. They not only take up space in you home, but they take up space in your mind.

Why you hold onto projects

Whether it’s scrap booking, DIY furniture make-overs, learning an instrument, wood working, jewelry making, candle making, painting, pottery, sewing, quilting or knitting - you get the picture, these projects take up valuable real estate as well as occupy mental matter. So why do you hold on to projects?

  1. You fantasize about finishing them

  2. You want to get your money's worth

  3. You're thinking could repurpose the materials

However, every time these “half finished projects” unconsciously or consciously cross you field of vision, you feel a sense of responsibility and disappointment. Like a little anchor slowing you down.

How to purge projects

Most clients need a push to make the decision and 9 times out of 10 people rarely finish backlogged projects. They weigh you down and get way down on your to do list. So, ask yourself …

  1. Do you have time for this?

  2. Is it in style anymore?

  3. Have I worked on the project in the last 12 months?

If you answered no to these questions, its time to consider donating, selling or trashing them and moving onto the things that matter more.

On the contrary if the project is relevant, set a time to complete it and take joy in the process instead of letting it weigh you down.

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