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Easy Purging Tip

One of the best yet most obvious tests to help you purge an item out of your home is the dust or amount of dust it has collected. The thicker the dust, the more likely the item needs to go. Here's a list of the top 10 dust collectors that will free up space, make cleaning easier and your life more streamlined.

  1. Untouched recipe books

  2. Useless encyclopedias

  3. Ancient magazines

  4. Knickknacks

  5. Old VHS tapes, DVDs and CDS

  6. Fake plants

  7. Worn out runners and outdated shoes

  8. Dried flowers or fake plants

  9. Outdated electronics

  10. Outdated sports equipment

You may have other things in your home that have collected dust, but purging these dust magnets is a sure fire way to declutter your home. Those with allergies will usually see reduced symptoms as an added bonus.

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