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3 Simple Steps to Decluttering Kids' Stuffies

how to organize kids stuff

The easiest and fastest way to purge kids stuff is to have kids involved.

Way too many stuffies is a common problem when dealing with organizing kids spaces. It can be a health issue if kids have allergies and have too many stuffies. Our paediatrician recommended our twins have only 2 stuffies in their bed at night given they suffered from asthma.

Secret sauce to paring down stuffies by 50%

  1. Sit down with your child and have all the stuffies gathered together in one pile.

  2. Then pick up 2 Stuffies and ask your child to choose the stuffie they like the best.

  3. You will then be making two piles - one for stuffies to keep and another for stuffies to donate or pass on.

  4. You will notice they are very clear about what they want and celebrate that with them.

  5. Talk to them about them being generous by passing on stuffies to kids that can continue loving them or who don't have many stuffies.

  6. Keep it light and have a fun activity to move on to once you are done.

  7. It's best to put the stuffies to be passed on into a bag when they are occupied by the next activity and get them out of view.

It's a simple and easy as that. If there is any issue with the process move on to something else so it's not a forced process or offer a reward for completing the process.

Do yourself a favour and pull back on purchasing stuffies and practice the one in one out rule.

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