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10 Tips for World Organizing Day

The moment you've all been waiting for to get organized ... World Organizing Day May 20. Here's the best news, you can start any time, any day any minute ... just get started.

Check out my 10 simplified tips to getting organized that you can start now in the video above. Start small, stay focused and follow the steps and you'll be organized in no time.

If you want the steps from the above video right now see below ...

  1. Start now ... keep calm and get organizing

  2. Choose an easy area to organize & you'll build good momentum ... a drawer, shelf, closet

  3. Pull everything out of the area and group like with like

  4. Release what you don't love, need or use

  5. Donate, recycle, reuse, giveaway, return or toss what you no longer need

  6. Reassign items to new homes based on ease of accessibility & frequency of use

  7. Label to ensure items get back to their new homes

  8. Set up a permanent donation box and use it regularly

  9. Don't put it down put it away

  10. Repeat

If you need a little help I can help you virtually. Don't let distance or access to an organizer get in the way, with virtual organizing I'm a video call away. If you are interested to know more about the process - check it out. 


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