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Actionable Strategies

8 simple steps to get kids to school faster

Wouldn't you love the get kids out the door faster on school days? Here's an easy system that will save you time and stress everyday and only takes 15 minutes each Sunday.

  1. Bins - Buy enough clear bins for the week for each child large enough to accommodate one outfit

  2. Label - add labels with each day of the week

  3. Begin - Lay out the bins on the bed works where there is lots of space.

  4. Plan - Create a weekly activities list and post it near the closet

  5. Check - check weather conditions you might need to ad"dress"

  6. Assembly - Start with underpants then the pants and work your way up.

  7. Accessorize - Add belts, socks or sweaters to complete the outfits

  8. Ready - stack and place them in a convenient spot for kids to take over!

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