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A Smart Way to Manage Loyalty Programs

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Are you tired of carrying a wallet or a key chain full of plastic loyalty tags and cards? It's hard to resist the perks but the consequences require you to carry each and everyone of those what seems like 50 cards with you to collect and redeem points.

If you'd like to consolidate all those loyalty, gift, membership and library cards, you'll love the Key Ring app for iPhones and Androids. Currently downloaded over 10 million times, this app stores your rewards program details in your smart phone.

Easy to Use

Download the app, scan the barcode on a physical card and the app will recognize and auto-select the retailer or you can key in the number. You can store photos of the front and back of the physical card as a back up, and type in notes for each retailer. I input all 20 of my loyalty cards in 20 minutes.

Benefits of this free app

  • Supports over 1,000 loyalty programs

  • Find nearby deals

  • Shopping lists

  • Barcode scanner

  • Supports barcoded or non-barcoded cards

  • Remote card back up (although I'd keep the actual cards)

  • Share cards with family members

  • Favourite frequently used cards

  • Digital grocery coupons

  • Free coupons from retailers

  • Share coupons via on Facebook, Twitter and email

  • Create and share shopping lists

  • Access nearby coupons and weekly sales

  • Store locator, notes, program details, store contact info

They gained 10 million uses in just four years. So start saving time, space and money with this non techie solution to reducing the bulk of your loyalty cards ... just another reason to love your smart phone.

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