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Build Stop Signs in Your Life

stop sign in blue sky

Life is a busy place. When you are pulled in multiple directions it's easy to lose track of where you are headed. So often you get so deep into a project you lose site of the end goal or maybe you operate like a hummingbird flitting from one project to another. Avoid ending up at an unintended destination with anyone of these 5 methods.

The solution is simple

You must just stop. Stopping seems counter productive to getting things done but it's critical to getting the right things done.

  1. Create a stopping list - Everyone has different ways to take time out. Make a list of things that will remind you to stop ... is it books, writing, music, special places or your pet? Become aware of your triggers and consciously cultivate them.

  2. Plan a Stopover - This could be an unstructured weekend getaway or a long awaited retreat. You'll return refreshed and you will notice your priorities will be realigned.

  3. Trick yourself - I will share a little secret I learned from my mediation teacher Michael Brownstein. When I asked him how long he meditated every day, he responded, "5 minutes". I knew he meditated for longer than 5 minutes. In fact, he probably meditated for a hours each day. So the secret was just to stop to meditate. Everyone can take 5 minutes. Frankly, once you stop to meditate for 5 minutes I can almost guarantee you would meditate for longer. So trick yourself, take 5 minutes to stop (or meditate) to see if you are on track.

  4. Succumb to a Sick Stop - Sometimes you do not have control over stopping. Your body tells you "OK pal whether you like it or not, it's time to look after yourself." Don't fight it or complain about it, just stop and listen to your body. The faster you align to it, the faster the body responds. There

  5. Take a break - Give yourself permission.

Don't let life take you to a grinding halt, practice using those micro moments to reflect on your direction and focus. Better yet, plan to stop with regularity.

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