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Speed Dressing Strategy

speed dressing outfits

Are you tried of looking into your closet thinking I have nothing to wear? Do you feel like you have a block when it comes to getting dressed in the morning? Do you keep buying outfits thinking it will fix the issue?

Don't let wardrobe woes slow you down. By harnessing the power of your feel-good moments, you can transform your closet from a source of frustration to a place of inspiration. Embrace this simple yet effective strategy to rediscover your style, cut down on unnecessary spending, and streamline your mornings with confidence and ease.

Fear not, here's one secret that will provide you with the inspiration you'll need to overcome this mental block, reduce spending and speed up the process. This takes a little diligence but it's worth it.

Trigger Your Feel Good Memory

  1. When you're wearing something you love take a selfie.

  2. Don't be fussy about a perfect shot, just take it and have fun with it.

  3. Make a dressing inspiration album.

  4. Keep the photos accessible digitally or post print out near the closet.

  5. TADA ... these trigger shot will remind you what you love to wear!

Bonus Tip

Consider doing this process for each season.

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