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Triple Duty Ikea Rail

Kitchen Duty

The Ikea Gruntal stainless steel rail is typically found in the kitchen with a host of accessories to manage scrubbers, plants, utensils,, plates, mugs and more. Another great way to use this system is for washing plastic place mats. Install the rail over the sink, wash and hang place mats on the S hooks with binder clips to drip-dry over the sink. This avoids the stick together issue and the wet mess on the counter.

Office Duty

Use the same system to make project files visible and accessible. Install a rail beside or in front of your desk, use a larger binder clip to manage poly pocket folios (an all time favourite organizing staple). Be sure to tzke the time to print off a 8.5 x 11 cover sheet with the project name or use different colours to differentiate your projects.

Laundry Duty

This handy system goes anywhere, use it in the laundry room to hang dry delicates, tie dye shirts or damp rags. Secure a rail to the ceiling studs and use to hang clothes to dry.

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