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If you haven't tried or used online grocery shopping, it's the lastest rage and for good reason. A good friend told me about it and I was skeptical at first. I concluded there's no way I could order my groceries online and get them collected, transported and delivered to my door for $4.95. A company would go out of business, but alias it is true.

I decided to try it out and I'm converted. I spend an average of 1.5 hours a week shopping for food which now takes about 20 minutes. My choice at this point is Save-On Foods. The online ordering experience was okay and could use some improvement but it's still worth does save you time. So now that I know the ropes, here's what you need to know ...

Online Grocery Shopping Tips

  1. REGISTER - The first round of shopping will take the longest. You'll need to register for an account which will save you time in the long run keeping your personal information stored ie reward points, credit card etc. You'll also be figuring out how to use the process.

  2. PREFER - During the registration, you can indicate if you'd like to hear from them by email and which types of info or specials you'd like to hear about. After my first shop they emailed me a $15 off coupon.

  3. SEARCH - use the search function to locate odd items but otherwise use the drop down where you hover, click and drill down. Large categories will drill down ie vegies will further breakdown into types of vegies ie brocolli etc

  4. FAVOURITE - Be sure to save regular and not so regular items to your favourites indciated wtih a heart, so the next time you shop it's faster.

  5. LIST - Create a list during the week and do your best to stick to the list to save money. Online shopping is less impulsive way to shop. They may run out of stock on an item but will offer to substitute an item if you allow that - you are in control.

  6. NOTE - Use the special notes section to let them know any quirky request.

  7. CONSIDER - Think of the environment and request no bags; they will deliver it in big bins.

  8. REMEMBER - Note the delivery time in calendar so you don't forget. Know your prices, some things are more expensive and keep your eye on food on sale.

The joy of having that knock at the door and my groceries delivered is a thing of beauty. Lastly, you'll still need to run out for the odd item but if you're planful this is less likely.


If you forget something after you place your order, in most cases you can go in and add or remove items within a certain time limit.


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