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Trinkets ... do not enter!

toys and trinkets

Oh Yeah ... bring it on!

It's tempting to grab something, anything at the airport or while shopping for the kids to satisfy that instant gratification gift but frankly think long and hard about what you are doing.

It's getting harder and harder to resist with the constant influx of options in different colours, sizes, variations. There isn't just a movie .... the movie comes with all the action figures, colouring books, knapsacks, pencils, sleeping bags, pillows, stickers, jugs, blankets, t-shirts, shoes, games, cards .... ok you get the idea.

Your kids would much rather spend time with you than your spending time getting junky gifts. The novelty wears off, the plastics pile up and than you'll start to notice something ... a gradual irritation which will ultimately build up until you can't stand it anymore. You know the day - when everything is all mixed up, you're stepping on and over all this junk and you hit your limit - your junk cup runneth overboard.

You dive in with abandon to - if you are nice - pass it on to a friend, donations or recycle but if you've really had it you toss it into the trash further jamming up our landfill.

They will Survive

Less is better ... kids develop resourcefulness and creativity with next to nothing. Sure at first there's the freakout period when they don't get treats and rewards at every corner. However, when they settle into it - their imagination will soar and you'll see them return to their original nature - pure creativity.

Filling the Void

Practice minimalism and demonstrate to kids there is more to life than plastic gadgets. Resist the temptation to fill the void. Let them fill the void or better be together.

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