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Instruction Manual Management

Manual Organizing in bags adn filed

Almost every household seems to have a stockpile of instruction manuals and warrantees forms. Here's 3 ways to keep them organized. ...

Electronic Management

Physical space saver

  1. Download the pdf manual

  2. Scan the receipts into a specific folder ie Warranty & Receipts + room & year

  3. Toss the paper

  4. Keep recent purchases

  5. Recycle if the warranty has expired

Virtual Management

Online all the way

  1. Most manuals are available online.

  2. If you have any concerns check online before you toss them into recycle.

  3. When you need to reference them go online

Print Management

Some visual people prefer to keep the printed version. If you are or will be selling you home, home buyers consider sellers with a organized bin or binder of instruction manuals to be buying from someone who has a greater attention to caring for their home.

  1. Gather them together

  2. Sort by function / room or by brand

  3. Make sure you actually own the item

  4. Ziplock contents together so they don't get mixed up or alternately store them in page protectors

  5. Quick label with thick green tape and large writing

  6. Arrange them alphabetically

  7. Store in a filing cabinet or bin or binder

Bonus Tip

  • As soon as you purchase an item you need to keep track of, be sure to write the purchase date on the manual or copy the receipt and attached it to the manual.

  • Review annually and recycle any unnecessary manuals.

  • Super tech savvy folks might consider Evernote to store manuals.

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