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Actionable Strategies

Tips to Avoid Choice Overload

After searching for "toothbrush" on amazon and getting 30,000 results, you have to wonder where we are headed.

Yes, isn't it wonderful to have all the choices but when it gets down to it, you're sacrificing your time to process all the choices whether its a decorating or dressing.

Here's the kicker, when you are faced with many choices, you will experience decision fatigue which limits your mental capacity to make decisions.

Tips to Avoid Choice Overload

Minimize depleting your mental reserves

  1. Set decision deadlines

  2. Ruthlessly unsubscribe to enewsletters

  3. Focus on creating instead of consuming

  4. Reduce your wardrobe by 50%

  5. Create a series of 10 top outfits and rotate them

  6. Avoid shopping online

  7. If you do shop online, use filters wherever possible

  8. Skip reading sales flyers

  9. Meal plan weekly

  10. Ask an expert

  11. Shop less

  12. Make hard decisions early in the day

  13. Plan outfits for the week on Sunday morning

  14. Use a shopping delivery service to automate groceries you regularly buy

  15. Stop micromanaging

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