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What to do with all that Packaging

repurposing packaging

Stay ahead of the packaging epidemic by tossing the packaging as soon as you purchase the produce (providing you are satisfied with it), re-purpose it or BYOP.

Get rid of packaging

Every residential organizing job almost always ends with a pile of packing to be recycled. You can gain 25-30% more space just by getting rid of packaging. Some folks save packaging thinking when they sell a particular object it was sell for more with the packaging. This may be the case for high end merchandise but in general the after market is just after the object and they generally know the value whether they get the box or not.

Re-purpose Packaging

Another secret weapon to getting organized is to reuse packing.

  • Make a tea drawer - See how

  • Create a creative pencil caddy using a beverage carrier - see above

  • Cut the top of of granola bar boxes and store the bars upright for quick access to snacks

BYOP - Bring your own Packaging

  • Bring your own container, coffee mug, water bottle or bag to reduce your footprint.

  • Bring your own cloth bag when shopping and skip the plastic bags. TIP - Old Navy sells Old Navy Bags which give you a 10% discount off your purchase.

  • Purchase in bulk to avoid bulky and wasteful packaging.

Bulk bins

Take control of clutter and environmental impact by ditching unnecessary packaging, repurposing what you can, and embracing eco-friendly practices like BYOP. It's a small step with big benefits for your space and the planet.

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