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Designing a Recycle Center in your Home

how to organize a recycle center in your home

Let's have a look at how to design a recycling center today there's so much that you can recycle it's important that you have a designated area for it and they have enough space.

  1. Location - make sure you choose an area that is close to all the action as most people recycle many times a day.

  2. Size - measure your recycling bin(s), boxes and bags. Use the measurements to design the space giving ample room for recycling; you recycle more than you realize.

  3. Set up

  • Paper recycling - You can choose to set up horizontally, vertically or on a slant. I recommend slanted shelves for the large blue recycle bags that hold paper recycling because it's easier to remove when the bag is full vs pulling out a bag crammed with paper from a bin.

  • Glass and plastics - position the blue box so you can easily toss glass and plastics into the bin. If you need to separate glass from plastic make sure to design it with 2 separate bins.

Bonus Tips

  • Use the containers that you put curtsied so you don't have to transfer icky recyclables from one bin to another.

  • Use a ziplock to keep recycling information handy .

  • Pick up extra recycling bags from your local city center to handle overflow

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