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Designing a Recycle Center in your Home

how to organize a recycle center in your home video

Let's dive into the art of creating an efficient rand organized ecycling center, a vital cornerstone of sustainable living. Choosing the perfect location is key; opt for a spot that's easily accessible and central to your daily activities. When determining the size, remember to account for the volume of recyclables you generate—often more than you think!

  1. Location Ensure you choose an area that is close to all the action as most people recycle many times a day.

  2. Size Measure your recycling bin(s), boxes and bags. Use the measurements to design the space giving ample room for recycling; you recycle more than you realize.

  3. Set up Paper recycling - You can choose to set up horizontally, vertically or on a slant. I recommend slanted shelves for the large blue recycle bags that hold paper recycling because it's easier to remove when the bag is full vs pulling out a bag crammed with paper from a bin. Glass and plastics - position the blue box so you can easily toss glass and plastics into the bin. If you need to separate glass from plastic make sure to design it with 2 separate bins.

Bonus Tips

  • Use the containers that you put curb side so you don't have to transfer icky recyclables from one bin to another.

  • Use a ziplock to keep recycling information handy .

  • Pick up extra recycling bags from your local city center to handle overflow

By implementing these strategies, you'll not only streamline your recycling process but also contribute significantly to environmental conservation efforts. Let's embrace sustainable living one recycling center at a time!

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